Dermatology is a medical specialty which encompasses all the disorders of the skin, both in adults and children.

Malignant melanoma
Some of the common conditions which we encounter include skin cancers, including malignant melanoma. Early diagnosis is important so if you have a place on the skin which is changing in shape or colour do not hesitate to ask for advice.
eczema of fingertips
Eczema is another common problem. In adults this can be due to contact allergy, a problem which is identified by patch testing.
Psoriasis is a chronic scaly condition which probably has a genetic basis. New treatments include phototherapy, and systemic treatments.

Infections of the skin are less common than they used to be, but we still see scabies, bedbugs, ringworm, and impetigo. Holidays to exotic parts of the world can result in patients coming back with parasitic diseases such as leishmaniasis and cutaneous larva migrans.